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It also refers to the fact that how poor lads are ill-treated in our society. In case of sahab, he was forced to serve for a tea stall on a very low income due to circumstances. Lost spring also tells us about the snatched happiness from childhood by overburdening them with responsibilities.
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Epiglottis is a cartilaginous flap which covers glottis during swallowing of food and prevent entry of food particles in wind-pipe.
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If a plant is suffering from disease, we take its meristem and using in-vitro technique produce healthy progeny as meristem is always free from disease in plant
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Grey matter is the cerebral cortex lining cerebral hemisphere and contains motor areas, sensory areas and associations areas
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Fragmentation is a mode of vegetative propagation, found commonly in spirogyra. In this one parent spirogyra undergoes fragmentation to give rise to its progeny
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For this u have to learn electronic configuration. The electrons lying in outermost shell are the valence electron. So for finding valency u have to take care of that. When an element has 4 or less than 4 electrons in outermost shell, that represents valency of that element but when an element has more than 4 electrons, the same no. is deducted from 8 and forms valency.

eg. Hydrogen has one 1 electron in its outermost shell so its valency is 1 Nitrogen ,, 5 ,, ,, ,, (8-5 = 3) Carbon ,, 4 ,, ,, ,, 4 Oxygen ,, 6 ,, ,, (8-6 = 2) Phosphorus ,, 5 ,, ,, ,, (8-5 = 3)

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Lub sound indicates closing of tricuspid valve while dub indicates closing of semilunar valve
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Glasses are amorphus solid that have tendency to flow like liquid, so it flows towards bottom and makes bottom part thicker
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Melatonin secreted by Pineal gland regulates diurnal rhythm of our body
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A shadow of disbelief conquered Franz when he came to know that M. Hamel is leaving school and from next day he would be tought in German. He realised the importance of mother tongue and felt sorry for not learning his lessons . He also undestood that mother tongue is the only force that can break the chains of slavery. Suddenly his heart was full of respect for Hamel who had served for his school for forty years.
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