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Algebra for Dummies
If you are preparing for IIT JAM Mathematics, then it is quite obvious that you will feel difficulty in solving the Algebra part. If you are facing such problem you can give a try to this IIT ... under Algebra for Dummies
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Atkins - Physical Chemistry
Really good books for those who are preparing for IIT JEE and IIT JAM. This book is helpful for both graduate and post-graduate exams. To get the list of other IIT JAM Books, click on the link ... under Atkins - Physical Chemistry
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Organic Chemistry
A Very good book for all the aspirants who are preparing for JEE 2019 and IIT JAM 2019 also. This book is beneficial for both the exams. All the best ... under Organic Chemistry
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Mathematics Class 11
The Mathematics for Class 11th is not only good for those who are in Class 11th but those who are preparing for SSC exams like SSC CGL, SSC GD etc., can also use this book to study ... under Mathematics Class 11
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Physical Chemistry by Ira N Levine 10 months, 3 weeks ago
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Chemistry 1 Class 11
For those who feel difficulty in preparing for Chemistry part, mainly Physical Chemistry, then this is the book which you must go for to prepare for NEET Exam or any other competitive exam. Build your concepts and ... under Chemistry 1 Class 11
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Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry
This one is a must book for those who are pursuing their BSc in Chemistry or are preparing for competitive exams like IIT JAM Chemistry and JEST. This book is enriched with quality information and questions to ... under Essentials of Nuclear Chemistry
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