in what ways did the nazi state seek to establish total control over its people?

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The Nazi state used both the methods punishing and rewarding the citizens, for their co-operation and non-cooperation in leading their lives according to the dictates of the Nazi party. For example, => After becoming the dictator in 1933 A.D. Hitler captured all the powers. He set up a strong central government. He demolished democracy. The basis of his administration was one party, one leader and well-disciplined administration. => All the oppositions were suppressed with iron hand. All political parties except the Nazi party were banned. The leaders of the opposition parties were assassinated or imprisoned. He did not hesitate to punish even his own party members who could not match with his ideology. => Germany was a police state. Special security forces such as SA, Gestapo, SS, SD etc. created to control and order society in the ways that the Nazis wanted. Hitler’s regime in Germany is known as the most barbarous regime in the history. => The Nazi party held the Jews responsible for the defeat of Germany in the war. Activities of the Jews were banned by law and majority of them were either killed or forced to leave Germany. => The whole media, books, theaters and education etc. were well-controlled and supervised by the government. => Religion was also brought under the state-control since; Churches could be a possible
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