Fundamentals of Multimedia  (
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I. Multimedia Authoring and Data Representations   1
II. Multimedia Authoring and Tools
III. Graphics and Image Data Representations
IV. Color in Image and Video
V. Fundamental Concepts in Videos
VI. Basics of Digital Audio
VII. Multimedia Data Compression
II. Multimedia Data Compression
VIII. Lossy Compression Algorithms
IX. Image Compression Standards
X. Basic Video Compression Techniques
XI. MPEG Video Coding I - MPEG- 1 and 2
XII. MPEG Video Coding II - MPEG
XIII. Basic Audio Compression Techniques
XIV. MPEG Audio Compression
III. Multimedia Communication and Retrieval
15. Computer and Multimedia Networks
16. Multimedia Network Communications and Applications
17. Wireless Networks
18. Content- Based Retrieval in Digital Libraries