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'The Ailing Planet....'is a sad commentary on the gradual deterioration of our envoronment. The planet Earth is no more a pleasant place for habitation.Fisheries, forests, grasslands and croplands need to be preserved and protected.let us avoid population explosion and stop perpetuation of poverty. The green movement is the only hope for this planet and the survival of human race.

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Explain: "What goes under the pot cost more than what goes inside it"?

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  1. The firewood used under potfor burning for a kind of forest stake holders

What do you mean by Green MOvement & how can the Ailing Planet become a healthy planet ???

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  • Green Movement involved in the movemnts such as the Chipko Movement, Narmada Bachao Andolan, Project Tiger Scheme, Tiger Task Force and many more. Ailing planet could become healthy by improving general awareness about Eco-Friendly environment and preventing pollution.

the ailing planet can also be saved by ensuring development and by regularising the rowth of population .we should also make sure that here is no ecological imbalance caused .exploitation of fisheries,forests,grasslands and croplands will have a big impact on the planet.

the problem of overpopulation that dirctly effect our everyday life
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majorly over-pollution damage our ecosystem which cause different diseases, resource slashing down etc. If my answer is not adequate to understand then please revert you So I can come up with more explanation.Thanks


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Explain the statement made by lester brown?

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The statement is like a wake up call. Its purpose was to shake up the existing generation from its sense of complacency and indifference towards planet Earth and the resources it offers. It was to sensitize people that they aren't expected to take the privileges for granted and be conscious of their responsibility.