please tell me the meanings of the phrases ,"the the thought was almost revolting","an expanse of white serenity", a turning point", "accepted her seclusion with resignation", "a veritable bedlam of chirrupings","frivolous rebukes", "the sagging skins of the dilapidated drum"

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"the sagging skins of the dilapidated drum" This phrase has been used to denote the poor condition of the drum being played by the grandmother.

'the thought that his grandmother could have been pretty and young in the past was something very unacceptable as he was used only to her present aappeaarance from his time memorial an expanse of

an expanse of vast serenity - the white clad of grandmother added to her calm and sacredness a turning point- an incident or the time that led to a great change accepted her seclusion with resignation- she did not show any signs of protest or ant sort of even slightest objection veritable bedlam of chirrupings - amixture of chirruping sound of many birds at a time frivolous rebukes- chiding or scolding affectionately

why did grandmother cried?

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Can you please let us know the place that happened in the story, as the author's grandmother was very strong and she never displays her emotions.

The author's grandmother was a religious person. What are the different ways in which we come to know this?

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we come to know that the author's grandmother was a religious because in the village his grandmother went to his school with himm because it had a temple attatched. she also moved around the house with her rosary beads and never stopped chanting her prayers. she also used to sing hymns to the author while she bathed him in hope that he memorize them. in the city she was upset and distressed because there were no teachings of god and his scriptures in the author's school. she sat by the spinning wheel and recited prayers and did not speak to anyone. even when the author was going abroad for his studies she did not stop praying and she was the same when he returned. before her death she did not speak to anyone and her hands kept counting the beads of her rosary. hope dat helped don't noe whether der're in da right order.

three phases why the author's grandmother was disturbed when he started going to the city school.

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the author's grandmother was disturbed when the author started going to the city school because when she asked would ask what he learnt at school he tell her english words and little things og western science and learning , law of gravity , archimedes' principle ,the world being round etc. she wasn't able to help hi in his studies and didn't believe in the things they taught at his school.she was distressed that there were no teachings of god and his scriptures . when the author announced that he was being given music lessons she became very disturbedshe believed that music was indecent and was the monopoly of harlots and beggars and not meant for gentle folk she didn't say anything to the author but her silence meant her disapproval. she rarely talked to him after that.

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