What Is The Moral issue That The Story Raises ?

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The moral of the story that Jack was telling to Joanne was "Parents know best", but Joanne with her spontaneous imagination, wanted a different ending to the story because to a small child, friends are of paramount importance, and most definitely more important than their own parents.

The moral issue that the story raises is with the moral lessons we give to our children. When we teach, we always tell them what we think is good for them , rather than understanding them and accordingly teach.

Should Wizard Hit Mommy?,'a story by John Updike-raises some important moral issue the first issue is carrying of custom and tradition.We all carry our own custom and tradition because it gives us individuality.The problem is that we do not realise that otherslove their tradition as we love ours.So it creates social tension the other moral issue that of generation gape. The young want all to be equal.But the elders know that it is impossible.