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cosmoessay Currently a number of megabloggers and I are engaged in an undertaking wherein we each write 30 entries during the month of June. We call it 30 in 30. Not just any lameass entry, all entries should aspire to the ideals of megabloggery. The people engaged in this project are a particular group of megabloggers, a closeknit group of people who have met on livejournal but mutually know eachother and function as rather a community in the real (not lj community) sense of the word. It seems to me they make up a subcategory of megabloggers who don't just megablog alone but take an interest in making friends with other megabloggers, as opposed to many very interesting livejournalists I've seen that are thoroughly entertaining but just kind of stand alone. The reason I bring up this last subcategory is because I stumbled upon these people rather by accident, and recently it occured to me that surely there must be other groups out there of bloggers that combine similar levels of megabloggery and interaction, and I want to find them.
11 months, 2 weeks ago
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